Business Continuity / Business Information Security

Can you ensure continuous delivery of your services? Even in the event of a disaster? An IT business continuity plan provides business information security and enables your business to carry on as normal, whilst your customers are blissfully unaware that anything has even happened. But where do you start? That's where we come in. We can help you form plans, assess areas of weakness or take over business continuity management for you.

What is IT Business Continuity Planning?

Unlike disaster recovery, business continuity is about making sure your business can run continually, not just get back on its feet after an IT disaster. In other words, it keeps the gears turning and stops your business from grinding to a halt.

What does an IT Business Continuity Plan cover?

  • Side effects of natural disasters such as a flood

  • Accidents such as a fire which could damage IT infrastructure and cause death and/or injury

  • Sabotage, both internal and external

  • Power outages

  • A communications failure

  • Disruptions in transportation that could prevent employees from attending work

  • Security issues that can bring down your network

  • Environmental disasters

  • Cyber-attacks on your business by hackers

IT Business Continuity Management

If you don't have the capability or in-house resources to look after your IT business continuity, then your business is at risk.


At Cloudworxs, we can help assess your current plans, identify weakness or areas that need more planning, and put together a plan that is bespoke to your business. We'll have you covered with all you need to ensure that your customers don't notice a thing in the event of a disaster at your end.

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