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Whether or not your information is backed up through a computer backup can make the difference between a computing catastrophe and a minor inconvenience. Data loss is one of the biggest risks companies can face when they depend on their data which is why it is surprising that data backup is so often overlooked. Thanks to our partnership with leading backup experts Acronis, we have the perfect solution so you can worry no more.

Acronis Instant Restore

This technology works to reduce outage recovery time by booting your server directly from the backup storage without moving any data. 

Acronis Active Protection

Acronis Active Protection is a powerful piece of technology that helps to protect your data against nasty ransomware such as Peta, WannaCry, and Osiris.

Secure Datacentres

Your backups are stored in Acronis Cloud Data centres, all of which have significant security certifications and meet all data compliance regulations.

Fast & Reliable Backups

Using incremental backup technology, only the files that have changed since the last backup have to be uploaded, saving precious time and adding speed.

Backup for Office 365

Acronis Backup Cloud gives ultimate protection to your Microsoft office 365 email, contacts, calendar and attachments.

Centralised Management

Minimize your workload with the user-friendly web-based management console. What's more, the management web console is accessible from any browser or any device, including tablets.

Acronis Universal Restore

With Acronis, you can quickly recover your entire system even to bare metal. Don't need the whole system? Then you can just recover selected files and folders with proven Acronis Universal Restore.

Strong Encryption

Your data is in safe hands with at-source AES-256 encryption of your backups and metadata, protected by irreversibly encrypted passwords.

Granular Recovery

Search for individual files, tables or emails and restore just the data you need, without having to recover full databases or systems.

Control Panel Interface

The Acronis Backup extensions for Plesk and cPanel enable reliable backup for a server with Plesk or cPanel. You can easily configure your backup and recover your data in just a few clicks.

MS SQL Server Backup

The product features support for applications such as Microsoft SQL Server®, Exchange, SharePoint®, Active Directory® and more. So, you can be sure that Acronis Backup Cloud has you covered.

Data Retention

Acronis' data retention policies help you to define replication goals. Retention rules allow you to limit the backup archive size and set the expiry time for backups, giving you peace of mind that your backups do not fill up all available storage spaces. 

Proud to be Acronis Experts


We are proud to say that we are recognised as an Acronis Gold Partner and have achieved a number of Acronis Backup Cloud certifications. The knowledge we have acquired through the partner program means you can have peace of mind in the services we offer. This helps us to provide more technical expertise and allows us to offer a tailored solution that matches your needs exactly.

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