Complementary IT Support

Complementary IT support is for those who sometimes need a bit of backup. You could say we're your spare pair of hands.

Who is it for?

You’re an IT manager who just needs a bit of assistance sometimes. Perhaps you have a small team or manage your IT function on your own. Either way, you cope just fine but might need help with things like looking after licensing, covering holidays or need some expertise that you don’t have in-house.

What You Get

You can choose from our wide range of services. We offer flexible contract terms, depending on the kind of support you need. It could be on an ongoing basis, for example, when you need an extra pair of hands for a project rollout. Or, on an ad-hoc basis where you need advice or expertise that you don’t have in-house.

Choose from:

  • Holiday and sickness cover

  • Emergency support

  • Project support

  • Overflow services

  • Support for remote offices

  • IT expertise or advice

  • Licensing support

  • Support desk

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