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Why is cyber security such an important factor for your business to consider?

What are the threats for small to medium businesses?


Typical risk lowering regimes and methods of cyber security for small to medium businesses?

Prevent and protection from cyber threats.

How to protect your data from major threats.

Data Protection.

Key methods of cyber security.

How to train your staff on cyber security.

Monitoring the situation of your cyber security.

How to respond to a cyber attack.



What are the dangers when running a Small to Medium business?





DDoS Attacks


Ways of protecting your data

Securing your network

Keep software updated 

IT Business Continuity Management

If you don't have the capability or in-house resources to look after your IT business continuity, then your business is at risk.


At Cloudworxs, we can help assess your current plans, identify weakness or areas that need more planning, and put together a plan that is bespoke to your business. We'll have you covered with all you need to ensure that your customers don't notice a thing in the event of a disaster at your end.

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