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Surface Pro 8


Surface Laptop 4


Based on the Intel® Evo™ platform and built to work with the best features of the new Windows 11. Perfect with the detachable surface keyboard which comes in a great array of colours.

Surface Pro X

The surface Pro X is a totally mobile platform for you to use on the go. Optional with a detachable keyboard which includes its own Slim Pen storage and charging. Gigabit 4G optional.

Surface Go 3

As the most portable Surface with a 2-in-1 touchscreen, the Surface Go 3 is perfect for all the family, whether it be for homework, business or just everyday tasks, the Surface Go 3 is great with its super fast Intel® Core™ processor.

With a choice between multiple AMD Ryzen™ and Intel® Core™ processors, the Surface Laptop 4 has great performance with an even greater battery life on the touchscreen Surface platform.

Surface Duo 2

The Surface Duo 2 can have your apps, emails, meetings and calls all within a device the size of a mobile phone, with two screens. The 5G compatible Surface Duo 2 is even better, perfect for maximum productivity with Xbox gaming included for downtime.


Surface Laptop Go

A great portable Surface Laptop with great performance to handle every day tasks without the need to charge frequently due to it amazing battery life.

Surface Accessories

The wide range of Surface Accessories allow for you to transform the way you work with your Microsoft Surface, whether it being using multiple 4K monitors, or the New Surface Slim Pen 2.

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