Keeping our customers connected during the coronavirus pandemic


COVID-19 Update

We believe our services are critical in keeping our economy alive, and our people employed and working! We take our contribution to society in this crisis very seriously, so read on to see exactly what we are doing!

People are depending on technology and remote working more so now than ever before. W are working tirelessly to ensure our clients can carry on with their businesses as best as we possibly can.

Cloudworxs remain dedicated to supporting our clients through this challenging situation. We are doing so by enabling effective, secure remote working solutions, while also continuing to help with the various IT issues that will still arise during the pandemic.

Over the last 90 days, our customer satisfaction rating remains high, and we will keep it that way! We are beyond proud of our service team for the exceptional customer service they demonstrate daily, even in these very uncertain times - truly fantastic teamwork!

Read on to see, in detail, the measures we have put in place to ensure we provide uninterrupted service during this crucial time, while also protecting you, our team and our community through all interactions

Working from Home

In line with government guidelines, all staff are set up to work from home. We are mandating this for the majority of our workforce.

Our project team are also working from home, with one engineer in the office to take deliveries and prepare tools for any installations. Our project team will remain on hand to deliver and carry out installations at client sites (where absolutely necessary). However, extremely high caution is being practised, and we are asking our clients to vacate offices or the immediate area while our staff are on-site.


Where field service calls are concerned, we will despatch to client sites ONLY for high and critical alerts. Still, we kindly ask our clients to understand that we must act responsibly and ensure we absolutely minimise site visits for the sake of the wider community. Where work can be completed remotely, this will always be our aim during this time.


All Cloudworxs key team members have access to our cloud VoIP phone system, meaning they can make and receive calls from anywhere and remain contactable during our usual times.

Our service desk is open as usual and available between 7am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. Our on-call engineers are still on hand outside of these times for critical issues!

The Cloudworxs team are also available via Microsoft Teams, should you prefer a "face-to-face" video call or live chat.


If you don't already have Teams enabled and working, we are offering this as a FREE service during this unprecedented situation – please get in touch to find out more 

Our Offices

Cloudworxs Witney head office will remain manned and open for the delivery of goods and a reduced crew to enable project preparation. Our offices are not currently open to the public or external visitors, except for the collection of products at the entrance.

Client Meetings

All client meetings are being conducted via video conference facilities (Microsoft Teams). 

One of our senior team members will be in touch over the last few days, and our team of engineers and account managers remain available should you have any account, procurement or strategy questions.

To Summarise...

Cloudworxs 1000% committed to providing continuous and high levels of service during this time. 

Our number one priority is keeping you and your business running smoothly as we all phathom our way through this crisis together.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and will revise our action plan regularly in line with government guidance as and when new advice becomes available.

We will provide further updates in due course and would like to thank you for your understanding and continued support. 


Most importantly, stay safe and stay well!


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