Cyber Security Training

Cyber security skills are in higher demand now than ever before. With GDPR now in force and cyber crime at an all time high, it is hugely beneficial to have someone in your business clued up in this area. Cloudworxs can help you with both IT cyber security skills and user awareness courses.

Why Train in Cyber Security

Where cyber security is concerned, it’s essential to implement the right technology, policies and an IT strategy. But that’s just the beginning. Employee training and awareness are imperitive to preventing common threats from damaging your business.

One of the biggest threats to the security of your business are vulnerabilities and attacks that can be avoided with common sense and training. These threats are often due to a lack of understanding– we all know someone who has clicked one of those seemingly harmless links, for example.

Types of Training Available

There are many ways you and your team can swat up on your cybersecurity knowledge and help reduce the vulnerability of your business. 


From nationally recognised accreditations such as GCHQ Certified Training to our in-house basic awareness courses, we help you identify potential weaknesses in your business and put a strategic training plan together.

In addition to recommending the best type of training for your employees, Cloudworxs can deliver our own bespoke course material to you and your employees. As your experts in cybersecurity, we are well-positioned to pass on our knowledge and guidance when it comes to the safety of your business.

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