Disaster Recovery 

It is so important for every business to have a disaster recovery plan in place. Have you ever thought about how your business would continue to operate if you had an unexpected event such as a server failure, a fire or a flood? A comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan means that your business could carry on functioning in any of those situations, with as little disruption as possible.

What is Disaster Recovery?

It is essentially a plan for how your business would react in the case of a disaster. This could be a loss of IT infrastructure or a natural disaster as a fire or flood.

A recovery plan will usually include clear instructions for each department to follow and demonstrate how they could carry on working in such an event. One area of that plan should inevitably be your IT function.

If your building burnt down overnight, would your business be able to resume service pronto? If not, it's high time to think about your IT disaster strategy.

Disaster Recovery Services

We are able to provide the expertise and latest technologies to enable you to maintain business operations during or after a catastrophic event.

If you were to suffer from a server failure, fire, theft, flood, bomb threat or power cut, rest assured that we would be able to provide a cloned image of your server to any other site. Thus getting you back up and running with as little disruption as possible.

Our disaster recovery service means that we can confidently say that your systems and data will be accessible within 24 hours of failure. With our remote working services, we can also facilitate your team working from home or another site - now that's total peace of mind delivered.

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