A managed Wi-Fi network gives you unrivalled networking freedom. Benefits include high performance, secure connections, and a continuously monitored Wi-Fi environment. This is ideal for those who want easier mobile working and guest connectivity but don’t have the time to support or troubleshoot the network themselves.

Wi-Fi as a Service

With the ever-rising popularity of wireless devices, BYOD, and workspaces becoming more flexible, having a reliable Wi-Fi network is absolutely essential.


Our managed Wi-Fi service acts as an extension to your wired business network, giving your team complete freedom and peace of mind. We can design a bespoke network from foundations up, taking working areas, devices and footfall into account. Better still, we can provide an easy way for your guests to connect to your network without getting access to areas they shouldn't.

Business Wi-Fi infrastructure is a dynamic environment. You may find that  business demands or updates can put undue pressure on your wired service and, in turn, your poor network administrators. Our managed service removes additional cost and resources by leaving all the network monitoring and maintenance work to us. This gives you time to focus on running your business, not your IT.

Quick and simple to deploy, our fully managed Wi-Fi service provides reliable service and excellent coverage for one fixed monthly fee.

Why Managed Wi-Fi?

Thinking about investing in a managed Wi-Fi solution for your business? If so, you’re probably already aware of the benefits, but in case you're not, here is what you could benefit from.


Fully tailored to your business, the design and on-going monitoring of your managed network ensure optimal performance for your team at all times.

Efficient Troubleshooting

Our Proactive network monitoring and service visibility and access means any issues can be promptly resolved.

Less Downtime

Because we are continually monitoring your network, you benefit from less downtime, increased productivity and profits. Fewer headaches for you!

Flexible Working

Empower your team to work wherever suits them best, using their own devices, all without decreasing productivity.

Future Proof

A solution that grows with your business. Readily access the newest wireless technologies and upgrade your solution when needed. We grow when you do.

Top Notch Security

Reduce the risk vulnerabilities in your wireless network with our flawless design, quality hardware and expertise.

Reduced Costs

Say expensive call outs or the requirement of in-house support. Just pay one fixed monthly fee for all your Wi-Fi needs.

Improved Guest Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi is essential for some particular business, such as hotels and cafes, for example. Our managed Wi-Fi service has a range of options to meet the needs of you and your customers.

Expert Support

Readily access support via our service desk. Give us your questions, network additions or to report a problem.

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